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 Would you like to be a Tutor? Please fill out this Google Form to become a Remote Peer Tutor.
Adult Volunteers must complete the Google Form as well as the District 27j Volunteer Application

Adult Tutors

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Same day appointments are not guaranteed!

Adult Tutors

  • Mrs. Smidt (Teacher-Librarian & Coach)
    Writing Coach/Project & Research Help
  • Aby Smidt (Author, Substitute Teacher & Coach)
    ​Writing Coach
  • General Academic Coach
    During School Only

Peer Tutors

  • Ilene B. 
    English Language Learners & Math Peer Tutor
    Spanish for Native Speakers & Algebra  
  • Cristian P.
    Math Peer Tutor​
    ​Integrated I-III  
  • Elizabeth C.
    Math Peer Tutor​
  • All Math

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